Dress for a Change

בחנוכה הזה כולנו מביאות את השינוי! ביום שישי ה 15.12.17 יפתח יריד אופנה חדש ומיוחד במינו - בגדים לשם שינוי, יריד אופנה חברתי עם מעצבים מכל תחום האופנה ובשיתוף יוצרים בעלי צרכים מיוחדים. מדובר במיזם אופנה שמאפשר לך לערוך מסע קניות שלם מבלי לקרוע את הכיס ובמקביל לתרום לחברה... יש יותר טוב מזה? 😉 במסגרת … Continue reading Dress for a Change


I’ve Been Hooked By Shoes Of Prey

Shoes of Prey is an Australia-headquartered startup where women can create shoes of their own design, which are then custom-made to order and delivered to your house. If you follow my blog regularly, by now you probably know that two of my favorite things are shoes and tech. Now there's a site which combines both… … Continue reading I’ve Been Hooked By Shoes Of Prey

The Place to Stay in Jerusalem

I just got back from a two-day trip to Jerusalem, where I stayed at The David Citadel Hotel. You see, only an hour drive from Tel Aviv will bring you to one of the most magical places in Israel - overlooking Jerusalem's old city walls, a stunning location in a city steeped in thousands of years of history, culture and tradition.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Prague

I just got back from a two-day trip to Prague, where Tiffany & Co invited me to discover their new fragrance that launched in Europe Oct 1. I got to explore the wonderful autumn Prague, stay at the Four Seasons suite all by myself , and attend the perfume presentation in the Tiffany & Co. boutique.



Whoa! These last few weeks have been hectic. It's been flight after flight from one fashion week to another and from one event launch to the other. Hence It's been a month now that I  have been planning to write this post (and just couldn't get toi it, sorry!), showing you one of the latest fragrances … Continue reading KENZO WORLD



And then came Gabrielle. For over a month now that I have been planning to write this post. Yes, it's been that long! Basically from the moment I got invited on an exclusive blogger trip to Greece – for the launching of the most buzzed-about perfume of the year – Gabrielle Chanel. In Athens, where I had the … Continue reading CHANEL GABRIELLE ADVENTURE IN ATHENS


Love Is A Four Letter Word, Tous is Too

Love Is A Four Letter Word, Tous is Too