Dior. New. Store. Now. Open!

After long anticipation, the new Dior boutique store is finally open! Fashion blogger Ira Simonov checked out the first Dior store in Israel, located in Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv.

24 Hours in Alegra Boutique Hotel

My spouse's birthday presented the perfect opportunity to celebrate in Alegra- a boutique hotel I have been eyeing lately. The boutique hotel -which is situated in Ein Karem, one of the most chic neighborhoods of Jerusalem- offers 9 unique suites, each inspired by a different love story. With Persian rugs and contemporary bathrooms, the suites … Continue reading 24 Hours in Alegra Boutique Hotel

Emboss Boutique Watches

Whenever I think of Emboss, a unique mixture comes to mind. The Emboss watches combine modern and young feel with the quality and precision of Swiss craftsmanship. They are not only luxurious- Emboss watches are fashionable too.. They are designed to adapt to your everyday looks and needs. For instance, while the watch straps are … Continue reading Emboss Boutique Watches