If there is one bag, so beautiful that time stands still, it would definitely be the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag.

The Louis Vuitton Chain Bag makes a chic return this season in new shapes and colors.

The beauty of Louis Vuitton's Twist shoulder bag lies within its unassuming charm. Inspired by the maison's Pochette Trapeze, the elegance of the Twist lock and sturdy epi leather body is testament to the brand's expertise in crafting supreme leather goods.

Its one-of-a-kind detailing makes this bag one of those all round pieces for any occasion. I’m absolutely smitten!


What do you think of the recent Louis Vuitton collections? Are you as smitten as I have been recently?


Clothing: Victoria Beckham, Boss, Tory Burch, Versus, Marc Cain
Jewelery: Dana Arish
Shoes: Rochas
Bags: Louis Vuitton

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