Yup. It’s that time of year again. It's almost Valentines Day… 😉

Like me and my husband, there are tons of couples out there that really love this holiday, and every year they make it more and more special. I know everyone says it, but if you’re single today, who cares.

Even when I was a single gal, I was pampering myself that evening, having a huge bubble bath, popping a bottle of Champagne, setting up a film and chilling in the bath. You still ought to treat yourself!

So, what are you going to do for the big day? Why not mix it up a bit and do something spontaneous and different. My idea for the perfect Valentine's day for the single, dating or married: You could treat yourselves to a vacation and get pampered… get yourself a glass of vino, put on your favorite dress and style it up with the perect gift.

if you’re looking along the lines of Jewellery, you can't go wrong with one (or two) of Tous' amazing items. I got a new bracelet for the holiday which I just can't get enough of!


So How are you enjoying Valentines Day?


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