Love Is A Four Letter Word, Tous is Too

Celebrating love? 

Love is a four letter word, which is hard to define… but it's safe to say the love is that exciting game which provides irresistible charm and happiness floating in the air — it enriches your heart and provides a unique feeling of pleasure and fulfillment.


That is why, when celebrating love – what you give to your partner should be nothing short of perfect.

Your gift inspiration needs to come from your heart

The Spanish house of Tous presents a new collection which is inpired by love, joy of life and precious moments full of surprises and romantic emotions.


Just like love, jewelry comes in many different varieties. Only you will know what best symbolizes the bond that you and your loved one share. Not sure what type of jewelry will make your love glow? Check out my new VALENTIN bracelet by Tous.


Remember, the pleasure of actually giving the gift is the best part

So when love is the occassion, start off with flowers and then suprise your partner with the perfect jewelery. Remember, you’ve got this!


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Shoes: Ducie London
Hat: Lack of Color
Sunglasses: Fendi
Overall: Moriya Shalom

This post is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Tous.