The Place to Stay in Jerusalem



I just got back from a two-day trip to Jerusalem, where I stayed at The David Citadel Hotel. You see, only an hour drive from Tel Aviv will bring you to one of the most magical places in Israel – overlooking Jerusalem's old city walls, a stunning location in a city steeped in thousands of years of history, culture and tradition.



I got to explore the wonderful autumn Jerusalem, the timeless alleyways of the Old City, the Western Wall and obviously couldn't resist going accross the street ror shopping at the Mamilla Avenue which is literally right off the hotel. In addition, we hit the bustling Machne Yehuda market, a spot I never miss while visiting Jerusalem.



What I really enjoyed about this hotel was the beautiful combination of traditional and contemporary design (all by top Italian designer Pierro Lissoni). The signature gold limestone of the architecture contrasts prettily with the subdue modern deco and they create a harmony between classical richness and contemporary aesthetics.


The natural lighting, warm colors and gorgeous historical artwork make the stay at the David Citadel hotel warm, welcoming and luxurious.


unnamed (14)


On the culinary side, with uncompromising standards and an amazing terrace, the Seasons restaurant (which is beautiful throughout all the seasons) is a hot spot for a wonderful breakfast. The lounge restaurnt in the lobby offers some terrific Sushi & cocktails (or wine menu), just perfect for spending an afternoon or early dinner!


There's also a Grill bar restaurant by the pool, but I didn't get to enjoy it. On the other hand we ordered from the room service on 3 occassions, it was amazing.

unnamed (10)IMG_2858

The swimming pool area is perfect for chilling out on comfortable sun loungers on the pool deck, where members of staff are always on hand to provide shady umbrellas and fluffy towels. What struck me the most about the pool was the combination of breathtaking views of the old city's walls & the blue skies above. I also got to hit the gym, which was fully equipped and very pleasant for working out.


unnamed (9)

I was impressed by the concierge service which gave me very helpful advice for restaurants and helped us with anything we needed. Pleasing and sophisticated in every sense. One of the best.

unnamed (15)


In conclusion, a dream location especially if you stay in a suite with the old city as the backdrop at your private balcony. It's the place to stay in Jerusalem!


Outfits: Marc Cain for Mimosa, Ice Cube Fashion
Bags: Gucci, Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti for Mary TLV Shoes
Jewelry: Padani
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti for Mary TLV Shoes,  Crazy 4 Heels
Sunglasses: Fendi, Jimmy Choo for Steuer A.
Photography: Segal Studio
Makup: Debbie Rosenfeld

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