I’ve Been Hooked By Shoes Of Prey

Shoes of Prey is an Australia-headquartered startup where women can create shoes of their own design, which are then custom-made to order and delivered to your house.
If you follow my blog regularly, by now you probably know that two of my favorite things are shoes and tech. Now there's a site which combines both… obviously this is destiny!

Shoes of Prey came to fruition out of the premise that somehow women compromise when searching for the perfect shoe out in the wild; that our ultimate dream shoe lives somewhere inside of us, just waiting to come out!


The shoe style possibilities are endless

My experience with Shoes of Prey was incredibly positive. I felt like they have thought of everything design wise (so many options!). Once I settled down and carefully considered the type of footwear I’d want to add to my wardrobe (and believe me I have some 😉 ) the process became easier. What was missing among the shoes I have in rotation was a bright colored classic in a shorter heel than I typically wear. With this in mind, I set about designing.


On Shoes Of Prey, the shoe style possibilities are endless: sandals, pumps, flats, skimmers,  booties,  platforms – what not! After you decide on the style of shoe, then the true customization begins. Shoes of Prey invites you to consider the details: peep toe, spectator heel, D’Orsay pump, slingback & more. Heel type and height: stiletto, wedge, block heel… Decorations are super fun: bows, trimming, Mary Jane’s… although I went for a more classic look as I mentioned. The fabric: patent leather, soft leather, cotton blend and many more options. See what I mean by “endless possibilities”?

That feeling of unboxing your personally designed shoes

Back to my shoes. After I submitted the order in late August, I got a message that my dreamy pair was shipped under a week later! I got to tell you… That feeling of unboxing your personally designed shoes – it's amazing!

Want to make your own shoe design dreams come to life? Use IRASIMONOV when checking out for a free custom inscription valued at $49!
Ready? Start designing now >> Shoes of Prey

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