The thrill of the forbidden begins: Givenchy L’Interdit

The thrill of the forbidden begins with a daring fragrance: Givenchy L’Interdit. I'm so excited to announce that Givenchy invited me to Paris (always a good idea) this weekend! So with no time to rest from my last trip to Evian with Vevue Clicquot I packed my suitcases off to another fashionable adventure! I was … Continue reading The thrill of the forbidden begins: Givenchy L’Interdit


Rock ‘n’ roll vibes with Zadig & Voltaire

"מה קורה כשמדמיינים את האישה הפריזאית עוטה על עצמה את הקוליות הניו יורקית?  - מקבלים את Zadig & Voltaire." "זאדיג אנד וולטר", מותג האופנה הצרפתי בעל האפיל הרוקיסטי, הוא ההוכחה של עולם האופנה שהפכים נמשכים זה לזה. מאז 1997 זאדיג אנד וולטר שובר את כל המוסכמות. המותג נחשב כצעיר לכל דבר ועניין במונחים של בתי אופנה … Continue reading Rock ‘n’ roll vibes with Zadig & Voltaire

Instant Party Season’s Favorites

It’s a matter of days before New Year’s Eve, which means my annual panic about what I’m going to wear over the Holidays is in full swing. Catching up with friends and loved ones over the holidays means countless meals, nights out and parties and I want to look and feel my best for every single one. Luckily, the new Tous collection is out...

Grey Goose Round Tables

Grey Goose Round Tables

Wow! This is the best cocktail I've had in a long time! Round Tables by American Express is almost here and I'm sooo excited! This year @ Grey Goose crafted an AMAZING cocktails menu especially for each restaurant mixed by the legendary Ivy Mix! New post is up - mind blowing recipe included! #roundtablesbyamericanexpress #greygoose #flybeyond #gucci

Be Aware: Chateau Glili Bites Deep

Being a big 'travel nut' and a lifestyle blogger, I'm constantly looking for new & exciting boutique hotels. When I came across hotel Chateau Glili, I knew I just had to check it out. So when the right opportunity presented itself, we were truly excited!