Spring is Coming!

H&M's Studio new Spring collection inspired me to put together a special photo shoot in collaboration with Tous and Emboss Watches. Photography Tatyana Fermon Makeup: Ela Aviv Model: Maria Barlin Boguslavsky

Shop the Must-Have Alexander Wang X HM Collection!

Alexander Wang’s Collection for H&M Revealed in Full! Fashion & lifestyle blogger Ira Simonov catches a glimpse of the new collection, just a few days before the official launch in November 6th! Enter and Check out the outrageous items!

H&M Studio WorldWide Launch

H&M Studio is the new name for H&M's seasonal collection of key pieces. The new collection is full of bohemian spirit, it’s all about the feminine meets masculine look, which I love. Think men’s blazers, biker and aviator jackets worn over draped tops and dresses, super chic! Key pieces in the women’s collection include the … Continue reading H&M Studio WorldWide Launch

Into the Blue

Into the Blue Underwater photography is one of the most difficult forms of photography without a doubt. Not only do you need special equipment, but you will probably also need a highly trained crew, a lot of patience and great lungs! That's why when the opportunity- to make an underwater production for H&M- presented itself, … Continue reading Into the Blue

The Best of Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2014

Like all good things, Gindi TLV Fashion Week 2014 must come to an end.. Now is the time to look back, unravel the present and see what lies ahead. Bang! The fashion week fired up as it started with a unique show by Missoni, which brought the entire Missoni family to Tel Aviv. The fashion … Continue reading The Best of Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2014


בשני התקיים אירוע מכירה מיוחד ואקסקלוסיבי לקולקציית הקפסולה המדוברת של Isabel Marant לH&M. אם אתם נושמים אופנה כמוני, בוודאי שמעתם על השיתוף פעולה המסקרן בין יקירת האופנה הצרפתית Isabel Marant ורשת H&M העולמית. לכבוד המאורע שנערך בעזריאלי, שאירועים דומים לו התקיימו במקביל בחנויות נבחרות של הרשת בעולם, נפרש שטיח אדום בחנות, נמתחו חבלים ונמזגו כוסות … Continue reading ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M