Into the Blue

enjoy the silence underwater cover credits

Into the Blue

Underwater photography is one of the most difficult forms of photography without a doubt. Not only do you need special equipment, but you will probably also need a highly trained crew, a lot of patience and great lungs!

That's why when the opportunity- to make an underwater production for H&M- presented itself, I hesitated but only for a moment, and then immediately I said yes.

To make things worse, I had no location and only a little time to pull it off, then came hotel Indigo Tel Aviv, with its amazing panoramic rooftop pool overlooking the entire city.

Getting the perfect photo underwater was challenging indeed, but I can now proudly say I pulled it off!

Finally, came the second part of the shoot, which was unlike the first part at the poolside but not in the pool itself. With the morning rays of sun and great wind we just had a blast, nearly forgetting we were here to work.

Underwater Photography: Moti Dahan

Location: Hotel Indigo Tel Aviv

Swimsuit: H&M (be sure to look for #hm #ultimateselfie #hmisrael #underwather hashtags in instagram!)

Watch: Emboss Watches (instagram)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The Sky is the Limit

hm ultimateselfie ira simonov underwater

hm gabaya indigo 2

hm chilling by the pool

hm chilling by the pool closeup

hm bikini in the pool

hm bikini rooftop view

Ira Simonov HM on top of indigo hotel tel aviv

hm gabaya indigo

hm bikini

emboss pink elle ira simonov








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