6 Places You Need to Visit in Las Vegas

6 Places You Need to Visit in Las Vegas Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S., attracting approximately 29.5 million visitors each year. It’s no wonder vacationers are so attracted to this city, with practically an endless list of things to see and do. While much of your time … Continue reading 6 Places You Need to Visit in Las Vegas

Tiziana Terenzi- Tel Aviv

לראשונה בישראל: מותג בשמי הנישה האיטלקי Tiziana Terenzi רוקח בושם יוקרתי שיוקדש לתל אביב! כבר 40 שנה שמשפחת טרנזי (Terenzi) עומלת על רקיחת תערובות בשמים ייחודיות שמבוססות על חומרי גלם טבעיים, תוך שימת לב לפרטים. הסבא וסבתא, ג'וליולימו ולואיג'יאנה, התחילו את העסק במעבדה קטנה אותה טיפחו בבית המשפחה. בהמשך הועברו הסודות הריחניים לבן אוולינו ששמר … Continue reading Tiziana Terenzi- Tel Aviv

Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Prague

I just got back from a two-day trip to Prague, where Tiffany & Co invited me to discover their new fragrance that launched in Europe Oct 1. I got to explore the wonderful autumn Prague, stay at the Four Seasons suite all by myself , and attend the perfume presentation in the Tiffany & Co. boutique.


And then came Gabrielle. For over a month now that I have been planning to write this post. Yes, it's been that long! Basically from the moment I got invited on an exclusive blogger trip to Greece – for the launching of the most buzzed-about perfume of the year – Gabrielle Chanel. In Athens, where I had the … Continue reading CHANEL GABRIELLE ADVENTURE IN ATHENS


Whenever you travel on an airplane or sit through a long car, bus, or train ride, it's easy to end up looking tired and messy. Jet lag, exhaustion, and being cramped into a small seating area can contribute to a rumpled look. To put it bluntly, unless your last name is Kardashian or Trump, flying is bad news for your skin. Pack these new amazing masks to look at your glamorous best!

Sunday Roast at MR PORTER

Whenever I’m in London, the Sunday Roast is one of the culinary (& cultural) highlights of the city trip for me. While researching for my trip to Amsterdam, there was one name, no wait! actually two names who constantly came up: the W hotel and MR PORTER a fine dining steakhouse in the hotel. So we … Continue reading Sunday Roast at MR PORTER

Hey Spring!

The clocks have gone forward, the first inklings of sunshine are here and I find my thoughts wandering to sunny days by the pool filled with friends, food and new fashions. There will be favourites from previous seasons reappearing this Spring and also some new additions, to bring fresh life and style into the season. … Continue reading Hey Spring!