Breakfast at Tiffany's in Prague

I just got back from a two-day trip to Prague, where Tiffany & Co invited me to discover their new fragrance that launched in Europe Oct 1.

IMG_3431 (1)


I got to explore the wonderful autumn Prague, stay at the Four Seasons suite all by myself (there might or might not have been a midnight mini bar raid), and attend the perfume presentation in the Tiffany & Co. boutique.



Leave it to Tiffany & Co. to always make a girl feel so special. Tiffany boxes have always stolen every girl’s heart, and now there are Tiffany bottles to go along with them! The bottle is definitely striking and the classic Tiffany blue is iconic as always.

IMG_3446843520270-1200x1774 (1)

Perfume Deluxe

The new fragrance joins Tiffany 14 years after its most recent perfume, Pure Tiffany, was introduced. Tiffany has been making its own perfumes since 1987, when the company celebrated its 150th year in operation. Tiffany & Co.'s other standout scents included 1989's Tiffany for Men and 1995's Trueste.



Scent on the Screen

In celebration of the new perfume, Tiffany & Co. choreographed a video incorporating St. Vincent singing "All You Need is Love," with some gorgeous images. View a clip, below.




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