Spring 2014 Couture Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld has done it again!

Nothing is too much for the brilliant designer, who has been showing the world what fashion is all about since 1983.

The set for today's couture set in the Grand Palais in Paris had a mysterious center stage, so blank at first- that it was almost daring and then it revolved, revealing two giant sweeping staircases, an orchestra and one Sébastien Tellier- French pop star.

Lagerfeld had his models sprint down those stairs, as light as feathers in the wind.

His line consisted of a corseted midriff which was the core over which he laid a bolero (or crop top) and a short skirt for the collection's defining look. It was energetic, athletic…and it was really the only thing that could successfully match the footwear. Every outfit featured a couture sneaker by Massaro: python, with lace, pearls, and tweed (more than 3,000$ in case you are interested)

By the way, Dior's Couture show was also about light and movement.  Looks like the two most significant fashion houses in France just made a major commitment to a new generation…to the future, in fact.

Parties — Chanel Spring 2014 Couture

Parties — Chanel Spring 2014 Couture


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