Maya Negri opened the season with a bang!

The Israeli designer presented its new Spring Summer 2014 collection spectacularly, in  a way that makes only one word come to mind- WOW!

It's not every day you come across a fashion show that is an "all around show", meaning the show is not bounded to the runway and that the scenery plays an important role too:

The runway was placeג inside a magical spaceship set with the entire space covered with sheets of gold giving the show a unique and luminous presence.

"Chronicle" the new collection is a minimalistic and tight collection, created by observation of space, time and movement.

There is constant play between different textures which tell almost a chronological story and converse with each other.


Special Thanks to Alon Reuveni for the pics below

Inside the magical Maya Negri spaceship

Inside the magical Maya Negri spaceship

Gold covered everything: floors, walls and ceiling

Gold covered everything: floors, walls and ceiling

Maya Negri Ira Simonov 5

I couldn't get enough of the scenery

Maya Negri Ira Simonov 6

Another one in B&W

Maya Negri show model

A show which is both fashion and art

Maya Negri show model 2014

Clean & minimalistic designs

Maya Negri show model 2

More from the new collection


Amazing Total look


Beautiful overall with complimentary necklace

Maya Negri show model 1

Back in the golden spaceship


Blue eyes stand out over the gold background


See-through designs

Geometric fun

Geometric fun

More geometric eye candy

More geometric eye candy

Maya Negri Minimalistic designs

Maya Negri Minimalistic designs

White dresses for all

White dresses for all

Fashionable and stylish

Fashionable and stylish


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