Special Shavuot 2014

Happy Shavuot! For this year's holiday I present you a white dress by one my most favorite Israeli designers- Dorin Frankfurt.

The dress which is both beautiful, elegant and chic is practically tailored for this holiday or for any other special occasion, as well as summertime days-out.

Happy Shavuot 2014 by Ira Simonov

Happy Shavout by Ira Simonov

Inspired by Dior Ira Simonov

shavuot 2014 dorin frankfurt שבועות 2014 דורין פרנקפורט חגיגת שבועות לבן שמלה לבנה אירה סימונוב בלוג אופנה fashion blog

Happy Shavout by Ira Simonov












I am wearing:

 Dress: Dorin Frankfurt

Shoes: Steve Madden

Accesories: Accessorize



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