Versus by Factory54 Pop Up Store

This week saw the Versus by Factory54 Pop Up store launch in Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv.

Versus, the little sister of Italian high fashion house Versace, reopened its doors in 2009 and has become quite popular this last couple of years.

This time, the young fashion label presented worthy collections with edgy designs, following a provocative and cheeky line.


I did the styling for the amazing Paulina Alberstein, whom I choose for a Nastya ➕Banker dress. Scroll down for pictures…


I am wearing:

Skirt: Versus

Shirt: Topmark

Bag: Zac Posen

Shoes: Guess

Jewelery: Galit Ronadin

Bow: Accessorize

versus by factory54 ira simonov

versus by factory54 ira simonov paulina albershtein2

versus ira simonov 3

versus by factory54 ira simonov paulina albershtein

versus ira simonov 2

versus by factory54 ira simonov shachar rabane

versus by factory54 ira simonov mannequins

versus ira simonov



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