Influenced by the beauty of Andalusia, this perfume is majestic

I have recently became familiar with Soir d'Orient, a perfume veiled in mystery.. An enigmatic, dazzlingly sensual composition which I thought I had to share with you.

The new perfume for women, is an opulent oriental version of the original enriched with spicy and woody nuances. The inspiration originates in Andalusia, a Southern region of Spain, where the culture was fundamentally influenced by Arabs who ruled the land for over 500 years.

"Rediscover the warmth and mystery of Andalusia. This variation of Eau du Soir transports us to a palace in Seville that bore witness to the 'convivencia', in which communitir knoes shared theiwledge, arts and cultures, making it a golden age of these proud lands …"

My notes of the perfume:

A fragrance that combines the brilliance of Italian Lemon, the green freshness of Iranian Galbanum and the voluptuous roundness of a Saffron accord.

Yes, indeed! To read more about it, head over to Sisley.

Photo credits: Featured image Loren Shine Steinberg. Images below PR.

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