Secret London, Part I: Hotel Café Royal

If you are frequent to London, by now you must know that walking down from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly is really nice.

However, when strolling down Regent street- one place stands above the rest: Hotel Café Royal.

An iconic landmark, this contemporary and luxurious hotel is brilliantly located in the heart of London facing the prestigious Mayfair to the west and the creative diversity of Soho to the east.

Hotel Café Royal combines a sense of heritage with a modern touch, creating stunning visuals.

The hotel's restaurants and bars buzz with the same energy that once attracted luminaries like Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot.

lw0433_54151283_720x450 IMG_1275 IMG_1273 IMG_1315 IMG_1303 Cafe Royal hotel - Grill Room_1 IMG_1279 IMG_1296 IMG_1329


The Author was a guest of the hotel.

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