Magical Weekend in Alegra Boutique Hotel

The city of Jerusalem, with its scattered remains of ancient history, abounding sunshine and ancient streets, is the perfect setting for love. Even more, is Ein Karem's Alegra Boutique Hotel.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at this absolutely beautiful hotel. Arriving at the hotel, what strikes you first is how lovely and quiet this place is! There are many quiet sitting areas at the garden, surrounded with fruit trees and the roof terrace offers amazing views.

Staying in Suite #2 (Alegra offers 13 unique suites, each inspired by a different love story) we couldn't feel more pampered! the room was huge and had everything imaginable included. Huge bed. Even bigger tub. Beautifully decorated.

Delicious Israeli breakfast is served accompanied by a great dining experience. There is also a special gourmet dinner that we didn't get a chance to experience. Maybe the next time.. 😉

For more enter Boutique Hotel Alegra.


The main gate


The beautiful roof terrace watch Ein Karem


Smells like teen spirit, wearing Honigman


Perfect & pampering room


Please don't disturb: I'm on vacation! wearing Honigman, Totti Hats


The answer is blowing in the wind, wearing: Maya Negri


The view was something else..


It's tea time in the gardens, wearing Avishag Arbel


Delicious breakfast in amazing space


Can't get enough of this


The antique stairs, wearing Premonition Designs


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