They say 'inspiration is everywhere', but I myself like to think that inspiration is everywhere BUT you have to be looking! Being a professional blogger and working in the creative industry, I am always on the look for new ideas. That's why I was so pleased to find ILOILOH.

Officially speaking, ILOILOH is an idea community. In my mind it's way more than that. It's a platform for cultivating brilliance. It allows you to create "product design idea concepts" using combinations of inspirational images.

Don't Let a Good Idea Go to Waste

As we all know, great ideas are often the result of connecting two seemingly unrelated items. People who consistently have great ideas always need a way to channel their thoughts into creation. The thing is that sometimes even if you can put a great idea together, you still don't know how to bring it to life.

It's true that eureka moments are rare. The backstory behind great ideas is often more complex and winding than having an apple fall on your head. But you shouldn't be afraid. By the way, your idea can be anything and everything, from a terrific shoe design to a cool iPhone case or the next big thing which will be a game changer.

The best part is that creative ideas aren’t reserved for a special group of people, they can come to anyone if you change your mind-set (that is with a little help).

Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching, because whatever you see can inspire you

This is where kicks in. The site isn't only a source of inspiration, and a scrapbook visualising whats going on in that brilliant head of yours. ILOILOH allows you create beautifully innovative products, by uniting crowd-inspirations (from pineapples to cool typography and even tech) with passionate producers.

How Does it Work?

Well it very simple actually. If you want to create a new idea you just need to create an account and then head over to 'create'. There you can choose from a wide variety of inspirations & combine them to something new. If you can't find a material you need you can always add it to the site via the 'import item' option. After choosing the items you need, pick a name for your product and describe it as best as you can. From there on it's all up to your product's potential.

What I liked about the ILOILOH 

As aforementioned the site allows you to create amazing product design concept, all while helping you choose & mix up to 4 inspiration images and descriptions to form a product, or at least a prototype.It's extermely easy to use and best of all – your product design concepts have the potential to go into actual production! (major bonus right? ;-))

It's Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Tables

Browsing through the site I get my daily fix of inspiration. It always great to come upon a neat idea. There was this one guy who thought of a "Champagne Stage" combining a coaster with LED lights and they actually made it… See for yourself:

That's AMAZING. Who would have thought right?! That's exactly what I mean. Maybe he would have never thought of it if he hadn't entered ILOILOH. Anyways using the platform he made his idea come to live. And that's all that matters!

In the meantime, I have also created some basic ideas while playing around with the interface… I would love to see these babies materialize. Who knows maybe one day 😉 I will keep making more soon. So head over to ILOILOH , follow me to see what I am up to.


I think now it's time for you to join the movement! Hop on to ILOILOH and start making your own great ideas!

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