Be Aware: Chateau Glili Bites Deep

Being a big 'travel nut' and a lifestyle blogger, I'm constantly looking for new & exciting boutique hotels. When I came across hotel Chateau Glili, I knew I just had to check it out. So when the right opportunity presented itself, we were truly excited.

Chateau Glili bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.

The hotel provides a unique experience, with fascinating views of the surrondings, luxurious suites & pampering spa.

This stunning hotel is perched on the rocks facing the Sea of Galilee, hence its name. It is far enough from the main town centre to be perfectly quite and calm. The welcome was excellent with a cool glass of Champagne (although being preganant I had a nice ice coffee). All the staff go out of their way to explain the hotel, to help and assist you with practically anything, and to generally give advice and information.

We had a delightful suite. The terrace outside faces towards the pool and the view- of what a view, simply astonishing. The terrace had two upright chairs on it and kept the sun til late in the day.

The room had a lovely comfortable bed, a coffee table, upon which each day a little treat was left, like Almond and Chocolate cake, strawberries and salted nuts.

The bathroom had a rainforest shower. There was also a large closet, which easily accommodated us with lots of hanging space, drawers and minibar and safe.
Breakfast was delicious, fresh squeezed orange made just for you. A huge selection of pastries and cakes, lots of cheeses, smoked salmon, fresh fruits and yoghurts.
Beautifully made fresh coffee and also a choice to have eggs cooked freshly for you in various ways.

The pool area at the hotel deserves special mention, as they have a gorgeous heated pool, lots of lounge chairs, outdoor eating terrace and they go out of their way to bring you snacks & beverages -including wines from the wine room- straight to the pool! Right up my street as I love being pampered. Service at the pool was slick and drinks always came with a smile and nibbles.

Late afternoon on the pool deck was delightful as the sun sets opposite. This hotel makes you want to go back immediately.

You will not be disappointed if you choose the Chateau Glili Boutique Hotel, it has everything and service is excellent.

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