The new Tous collection is out, offering a range of precious little jewlery pieces and leather-goods that will have teens through to adult fashion lovers swooning.

But for me, it was the Romance Backpack in Leather, in Mustard embroidered with the TOUS logo to the black front pocket that drew my attention.


Backpacks are the 'luggage' item that you can throw on in any weather and save your shoulders from the burden of a heavy loaded handbag. And this one has it all. Beautiful smooth leather with zippers that just make me happy.


A size somewhere in between small and medium, that will fit the majority of your everyday luggage. For the explorer on the go, or the city worker, this could become their go-to.


I have already planned to take this with me travelling in November, as the size, shape and style says utilitarian fashion.


A beautiful, stylish backpack that actually suits all of your requirements. And thus, I have added the Romance leather backpack to my bag collection and could not be happier!


What do you think of the new Tous collection? How adorable is this backpack, which also comes in Burgundy-black FYI! Have a peek at the rest of the collection and let me know which is your favourite!

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