Oh Baby: The Most Adorable Baby Clothes

Picking out tiny little outfits is probably one of the most fun things about having a baby in your life. Whether you have your own little one, a friend with a baby, or a new niece or nephew, shopping for baby clothes is almost irresistible!

As a new mama myself, I would also say that baby clothes are one of the best gifts to give new parents if you want to go off the registry. While parents simply won’t have a use for a second infant bathtub or multiple baby monitors, another adorable outfit just means having to do laundry less often—and that’s never a bad thing 😉 Plus, babies often go through three or four outfit changes in a day, and it’s fun to have a few splurge-worthy pieces to mix in with more affordable cotton basics. So for all of you who have a baby to shop for, here are two of my fav's…My very own sweetheart approved:

1. Charlotte Dress – Forget Me Not

A lot of the pieces at Mum's Girl are so cute that I wish they came in big person sizes. This Peter Pan collar dress for example…

2. Bunny Button Cardigan – Ivory Knit

This bolero style cardigan is perfect for cool weather, play dates at the park, and picnics. It’s the kind of piece a little one will love to romp around in all season long.



Which one of these pieces is your personal favorite?

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