When you think of your future honeymoon, and that dream destination for where you are willing to spend and then some for the perfect retreat, you potentially think of Thailand or the Maldives right? I know that I always have. I would always daydream about which destination would be the most like paradise, and therefore that would have to be my choice of honeymoon retreat. Yet, over the years, I’ve become a fan of the countryside.

Something about the countryside really connects with me. The fresh, crisp, bright air. The way the sunshine hits the grass and reflects on the water. And the possibilities are endless. Chilled, relaxed and ever so welcoming.

And this is exactly how I felt when visiting the picturesque village of Liman in the western Galilee. And specifically the boutique resort named Maskit.

Maskit boutique hotel, is a 5* luxury country resort. I have stayed in some luxurious resorts this year, but I don’t think anything could quite top this. So pampering you have to see it to believe it.



After the journey up north, we were welcomed to cool crisp air, the freshest oxygen and incredible views, and that was even before we had entered the lux boutique. The hotel has been developed carefully and strategically to fit into the country side as if its surroundings were built around it.. It is one of those hotels that blow you away as soon as you pull your cases up to the front door.

From the service and hospitality, to the food, staff, atmosphere and surroundings, it was beyond what I ever expected Paradise to be.

img_5960maskit-liman-boutique-hotel-poolThe room was large yet cosy, a king sized bed (with luxrious bedsheets from White Spring) with views out to the gardens.maskit-liman-boutique-hotel-room-interiormaskit-liman-boutique-hotel-bathrobesWith a balcony to walk out onto, we couldn’t help but stare out, towards the evergreen forrest in front of us and the beautiful countryside. The air was fresher than I ever remember it being and we were just in awe of our surroundings. Two arm chairs are strategically placed staring out towards the view, for those times when a moment to ponder, appreciate and relax are needed.maskit-liman-boutique-hotel-horses

Yet, when further relation is required, the spa in the hotel is a pure and simple treat. With two pools- one heated for the colder season and outdoor heated pool where you can swim, sit-by, chill and look out towards the views, it was a moment of paradise. Freedom and a humbling set of emotion. We relaxed in the spa, sipping tea from the beverage area before throwing on our robes and slippers and heading back to the room.


It was the perfect time for usto get away, with peace and quiet and to simply enjoy every moment. And that we certainly did. As soon as I arrived, and continuing until we left, I had marked Maskit down as a place I must visit again.

img_5964Thank you so much to Maskit for letting us stay, western Galilee for being so beautiful and to Sarit for being the most helpful and wonderful host! We cannot wait to return!

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