Hey Spring!

The clocks have gone forward, the first inklings of sunshine are here and I find my thoughts wandering to sunny days by the pool filled with friends, food and new fashions. There will be favourites from previous seasons reappearing this Spring and also some new additions, to bring fresh life and style into the season.

Fashion and style are so so personal and what someone may love, another may wonder what the hell you’re thinking buying such a *crazy/bright/expensive (*delete as applicable) item. But I say so long as you can justify, afford and enjoy your purchase, then you do you and express yourself! I wore this amazing outfit by Marc Cain & Swimsuit by Mobo Swimwear on a recent vacation to Maskit Suites & Spa and loved styling them with my newest Tous Necklace & Bracelet.

Spring has sprung!

The new Tous SS17 collection goes BOLD with vibrant colors and fresh designs. On one hand the collection states strong hues are no longer solely the domain of fashion's risk takers; they're for everyone. And on the other hand, Tous continues their succeful Tender Stories line, with an elegant, sublime & unique collection.

So dive into what pieces I’m loving and what trends I’m hoping to be styling this season. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for yourself in the coming weeks 😘

tous jewelry maskit liman mobo swimwear fendi sunglasses totti hatstous jewelry maskit liman totti hats mobo swimweartous jewelry maskit liman marc cain totti hats joseph havertous jewelry maskit liman joseph havertous jewelry maskit liman joseph haver totti hats marc cain 2tous jewelry maskit liman or fenditous jewelry maskit liman

What pieces will you be bringing back and what new additions are you looking for this Spring? As always it’s all about fun, inspiration and the trends you love! You don’t have to wear every trend head to toe but hopefully this post offers some inspo if you’re looking for some new season style & bling!

📍 If you are reading this in Tel Aviv. You'd be happy to know Tous has opened two brand new stores in Gindi Fashion Mall and Azrieli Rishonim.

מחשבה אחת על “Hey Spring!

  1. Amoy lily הגיב:

    Coco Chanel also said” Fashion changes, but style endures.” So just keep your own style instead of so-called fashion. You can just have one point in that fashion trend.

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