Sunday Roast at MR PORTER

Whenever I’m in London, the Sunday Roast is one of the culinary (& cultural) highlights of the city trip for me.

While researching for my trip to Amsterdam, there was one name, no wait! actually two names who constantly came up: the W hotel and MR PORTER a fine dining steakhouse in the hotel. So we made plans to check it out.

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam rooftop views 3ira simonov mr porter amsterdam elevator greeting good afternoon

When I found out that MR PORTER started hosting the wonderful tradition of Sunday Roast, an extensive brunch with a wide range of delicious dishes to celebrate the weekend, I told my boyfriend that we must definitely go there!

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam press4

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam press3

From now on, you can join in for a Sunday Roast hereevery Sunday. Great if you’re into an original brunch or want to have an elaborate lunch with a group of friends on Sunday.

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam viewsira simonov mr porter amsterdam interior vviews

MR PORTER is one of the great venues in Amsterdam of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP,
which is founded by Yossi Eliyahoo, a hospitality genious with other successful concepts like; IZAKAYA Amsterdam Asian Kitchen& Bar, just opened IZAKAYA Hamburg and with the 1st of July the new hotspot IZAKAYA Ibiza!
But also well known restaurant; MOMO, the royal THE DUCHESS (Which we visited too!); located across from MR PORTER in the W X bank location. But also the foxy new high end club MAD FOX(also located in the W hotel).

MR PORTER offers beautiful views, great vibes and delicious steaks. There is a lovely outside seating area with a gorgeous rooftop views & fantastic view of Dam square.

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam rooftop views.jpg

The food concept centers around food sharing on the table. Absolutely fantastic cuisine with wide variety of salads, meat as afforementioned and fish.

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam fashionable locationira simonov mr porter amsterdam flatlay first course

For starters we had the MR PORTER'S FOCACCIA, the delicious SEA BASS AND TOMATO CARPACCIO and the not-to-be-missed GRILLED OCTOPUS from the main menu.

FullSizeRender (43)ira simonov mr porter amsterdam octopus salad

For mains, we've had the 21 DAYS AGED SCOTTISH BEEF SIRLOIN (shown below) & the WILD TURKEY, CHICKEN AND HERBS from the sunday roast menu – which were amazing!

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam sunday roastira simonov mr porter amsterdam sunday roast 2

Finishing off with sinful desserts: BANOFEE & THE CHEESECAKE.


FullSizeRender (40)ira simonov mr porter amsterdam bannofee desert

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam barira simonov mr porter amsterdam bar tender cocktails

It’s not often that a restaurant has me shouting (in this case, literally) from the rooftops – but MR PORTER at the new W Hotel in Amsterdam deserves every bit of praise: With terrific ambience, this place is the best one I've visited in Amsterdam. Literally the hightlight of our visit.

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam rooftop views pool 2.jpg

Start beforehand with a coffee, or better yet Rosé… 😉 on the roofterrace if the weather’s nice and your Sunday will be a definite blast!

ira simonov mr porter amsterdam rose wine

For reservations, please call +31.20.811.3399
or Email:

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