Whoa! These last few weeks have been hectic. It's been flight after flight from one fashion week to another and from one event launch to the other. Hence It's been a month now that I  have been planning to write this post (and just couldn't get toi it, sorry!), showing you one of the latest fragrances I've been using: KENZO WORLD.

Just a month ago, we were at the party that was held in Madrid on the occasion of the perfume's launch… so in today's post you can see some snapshots from Madrid with the exciting perfume that I love and others of the party.



KENZO WORLD, is way more than meets the eye 😉 true to the KENZO spirit it's an entire vision. It's A world in their image: bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun, colorful… A world that celebrates freedom of expression, diversity and creativity. A playful and dynamic fragrance….

The packaging, which no matter if you look at it from above or sideways, is fascinating. Peony, jasmine… KENZO WORLD reveals a new definition of femininity with its new perfume. This intense eau de parfum reveals the essence of a strong, bold, determined woman.`

The result? It is as if you are smelling a floral bouquet with a surprising twist, a scent like no other… I love it! That together with THE EYE, the bottle, makes the result itself a real wonder.



The launch was held in the Teatro Real, it was a spectecular event, not missing any detail, everything about it was meticulously planned, undoubtedly creating an immersive event, a super enjoyable night & an amazing experience. I hope you like it! 🙂






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