My Impressions from Chanel's Supermarket Show

When was the last time you saw Nylon wrapped bags? and models strolling with shopping carts?

There is a wave of conventions shattering that is sweeping over the fashion world and I love it..

After Moschino's catwalk gave birth to french fries inspired outfits, this week the media was abuzz as Chanel presented a one of a kind & innovative show in PFW.

The runway's scenery was a supermarket, the models were shoppers and the items on sell were some of the most desired Chanel items.

While some critics spoke out against the show, suggesting it is degrading fashion, I believe it was -simply put- brilliant.

Moreover, Lagerfeld said what he meant is that anyone who is able to afford these high end items, should buy them and not for the sake of showoff but to enjoy them. I couldn't agree more.

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