SMART Weekend

A little while back, I was lucky enough to get a Smart car for an entire weekend.

From driving for a night out on the town, to going to the tennis court and yes even grocery shopping (which amazingly fit inside..) this hot & compact little babe by Mercedes and I had so much fun together..

1. First stop- Night Out On The Town

Kikar Hamedina's Fashion Night Out presented the perfect opportunity to take this hot ride for a spin and brag about it obviously.

While the event was great, I also took pleasure in admiring my ride as it took me exactly 1 minute to park that mischievous white Smart. Parking has never been easier.

It was then when I realized that finding a parking spot when you're driving a Smart takes on a whole meaning..

Parking a Smart Car Is Easy

It is true, parking has never been easier

2. Second stop- Mixing Fashion and Tennis

Driving Smart allowed me to mix two of my passions- Fashion and Tennis.

After my first night out on the town with Smart, I decided it was about time for an all-white morning.

Maybe it was the sunny weather & bright skies, but I felt as if the car had some effect of making it easier to go out..

So I packed my gear and drove to the court.. How do you like my tennis outfit?

Ira Simonov Going To Play Tennis Driving a Smart Car

Ira Simonov Playing Tennis, Driving a Smart Car

3. Third stop- Visiting the charmful Neve Tzedek and Shopping

Finally, no compact car's test drive would be complete without seeing how it handles some serious shopping.

As aforementioned, the smart surprisingly had the space to fill in all my shopping bags and then some..

So after the heavy-lifting, it was time to relax.. and 'we' drove to Neve Tzedek to enjoy the afternoon's breeze and into the sunset- Cliché, yes but see for yourself as the last rays of sun break on the Smart..

Smart Car in the streets of beautiful Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, TLV

Last rays of light break on the Smart

Smart Car, Tel Aviv City

Special thanks to Wolf Communications and Public Relations for this great opportunity.

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