Instant Party Season's Favorites

This is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Tous.

It’s a matter of days before New Year’s Eve, which means my annual panic about what I’m going to wear over the Holidays is in full swing. Catching up with friends and loved ones over the holidays means countless meals, nights out and parties and I want to look and feel my best for every single one.

Luckily, the new Tous collection is out, offering a range of precious little jewlery pieces that will have fashion lovers swooning. I was so pleased that I finally got to wear my new bracelets from the new Tous Collection, which instantly became my favourites for this year’s party season.

I have always been a fan of Tous, ever since they bounced onto the scene some years ago and took the jewellery world by storm. Collecting those teddy bears is like collecting memories. Each piece tells a story and can remind you of a time in your life, a special occasion like New Year's Eve and a significant moment you never want to forget!

Happy Holidays guys! I hope you all have a wonderful time and feel your best too!









What will you be wearing this Holiday season? Let me know if there’s anything on your wishlist this Christmas!

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