My Factory54′s Hottest Looks For Womens Day

As you know, March 8 marks the International Women's Day. Hopefully, by now you’ll already have a vague idea what you’ll be wearing for women's day 2014.

If you don't, it's alright as I have got your back..

Following the fantastic show Factory54 held in Tel Aviv's iconic Heichal Hatarbut, I went over to Factory54 to try on new looks for women's day and bring in the new spring summer 2014 collection with a bang!

So for all the beautiful ladies out there, here are 3 killer looks for the summer to help you sort out what's hot this season. From evening dresses to bohemian chic and popart inspired designs, these outfits will ensure you will be looking your best!

1. Dsquared bohemian chic

Wrap yourself with Dsquared unique items for the perfect bohemian chic look, packed with a green leather jacket, colorful skirt and matching shoes.





2. Missoni comics bang

I always agree that black equals classic, but this summer calls for a different get up.. and Missoni has got just the right one! Ravishing colors inspired by comics and popart will make this summer tons of fun!







3. Ever Fabulous Versace

Versace. Enough said. Wear this dress by the fashion powerhouse to knock 'em down..

Special thanks to HotCrown jewellery.





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